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About Shawn Johnson

Shawn is remembered by his entire loving family, especially,
Mother-Nancy, Step Father-Donald, Brother-Drew and
His only loving son Christopher Quinn.
A host of family & friends, including son's Mother-Melanie,
lifelong friends Dan and Donner, and his recent girlfriend - Theresa.
Shawn was a special man that made friends just walking out the door.
He was very intelligent, and extremely funny.
Shawn found the good in things and in people everyday.
He had a smile no one would forget.
And no one will....
Shawn, we all love you. We'll see you in the future!

From Shawn's Obituary...

Shawn Christopher Johnson was born to Ron and Nancy Johnson on December 18th 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Shawn, a bright, active and creative child, spent seven years in the Philadelphia Public and Private School Systems. He moved to Georgia with his mother and stepfather, Donald Williams in 1977.
Shawn attended Clarkston High School before transferring to Piadea College Preparatory School in Atlanta. Shawn excelled in music, science, writing, and acting. He sang in the chorus and performed in many theatrical productions.
He studied computer science at Murry College and DeVry Institute. Upon completion of college, he studied electrical technology, lighting, and stage production. He was employed as a lighting and electrical director until his untimely death in New Orleans on July 19th 2003.
Shawn was a loving father and son whose smile could light up a room. He was wise beyond his years. Learning was his favorite pastime. He reached into the hearts and minds of others with his most powerful and endearing asset - his lively, witty, and charming personality. This will be his legacy.
He will be missed daily.

From his Mother...
My son wrote to me: Mom, sometimes I get so wrapped up in the craziness of hectic schedules and long "to do lists", that one day leads into the next. But even in those busy times ...I still think of you ...and how much you mean to me. I hope you always know I love you. -Shawn
Even though you share many things in common with others are one of a kind. No one else has been given the same make up God has given you. You were handcrafted with unique talents, motivations and your special niche in life. You always were and always will be "My Shining Star" who lighted up my life.

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